Divorce Is Tough, We Can Help

Divorce Is Tough, We Can Help

When you need solutions for your divorce or other family law issues, contact the divorce lawyers at our law firm for dedicated and experienced legal representation.  Our family law attorneys strive to provide you with personalized, planned, and passionate legal representation to meet your individual goals. Together with you, we are going

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Dedicated To All Of Your Family Law Needs

Legal problems do not resolve themselves. If you are faced with a divorce or family law situation, you need smart and capable legal representation to protect your rights and guide you towards the best outcome for your future.  By working with our law firm, you can rest assured that we are representing you with only your best interests an

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We Understand the Difficulties Of A Divorce

We understand how financially and emotionally difficult a divorce can be.  By working with the our law firm focusing on family law and divorce, you are working with legal representation who is focused on getting you the results you need. Contact us today and speak with one our family law attorneys today.

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We understand that a
divorce, custody battle, modification or contempt action can be emotionally and financially devastating for everyone involved. Your case is important to us. At our Family Law / Divorce Law Firm, you will receive personal attention, zealous legal representation, and be
expertly guided by one of our Atlanta divorce lawyers. You will benefit from our attentiveness, legal acumen, and advocacy.

A Georgia divorce may be simple or very complex, depending on the unique circumstances of each case. Paternity/Legitimation actions, Modifications of child support or custody, and Contempt actions also benefit from the strategic and
vigorous representation of our highly skilled Atlanta Family Law Attorneys.

Our Experience

Our experience helps us recognize which cases need to be litigated and which cases should not go to court. We settle cases that can be settled and litigate those that require a court resolution. If you are facing a divorce or other family law matter, it is essential to hire an attorney who can
aggressively litigate or intelligently mediate your case.

You deserve exceptional legal services from our team of dedicated Atlanta divorce attorneys that understand your individual goals. To discuss your case with one of our experienced family law attorneys, contact our office today at (404)921-3595.

Dealing With Accidents

What happens if someone is injured at work and doesn't follow the proper procedures which lead to the injury is the insurer still on the hook for insurance and is the company still liable in a law suit. There was an incident in the Calgary oil fields where a worker suffered leg injuries for not following safety standards at the workplace, when you are working with the right law firm that handles injury laws, you can be sure that your compensation will be handled properly. Even though he was negligent and responsible for the accident, the judge still awarded the injured close to $20,000. The real question is should this be the standard for injury cases?

The incident started when a contractor had to reconnect an older oil tanker together, although he believed he know what he was doing, he used the wrong setup in developing this. This prevented his work from being done properly,
which made him reassess the situation. As he was reassessing the situation. Checking different configurations, in an effort to save time he pulled the nozzle out of the oil tanker capturing his leg in the process and snapping his ankle as a result of the incident, he injured his leg and was prevented from working for several months.

He hired an injury lawyer in Surrey, as he was originally from Surrey working in the oil fields to help him get compensation for his injuries, although the negligence was on his part the injury lawyer was still able to help you recover close to $20,000 in compensation for the injury. If the accident was the result of negligence of faulty equipment he may have received a greater amount. The amount he received was on top of the worker's compensation amount he will retain from lost

Workplace accidents are common in the construction and the auto industry, those are two of the industries with the most injuries which occur. It's up to the company owners to make the work environment much more safe and for the employees and free of injuries that are the result of negligence in the workplace. Although no one wanted to be involved in the accident, accidents are a common part of construction work environments. You can find more information about it here.

In the court case against his employer the courts ruled in the employees favor, because although he didn't follow the exact safety standards, it was also determined that the company tried cutting cost which was one of the reasons the plaintiff was injured. To learn more about how injury laws in Calgary deal with accidents visit www.calgarylaws.ca

This resulted in hospitalization for the worker and time off work, which was covered by the compensation board for injured workers. By working with the right law firm the contractor was able to get compensation which he thought was fair, as the case was mainly settled out of court.

Selecting the Right Divorce Attorney Is The Key To Your Success

Our family law lawyers take great pride in the personal attention we give all of our clients. No matter how simple or complex your divorce case maybe, we strive to get you the best outcome possible.

Our lawyers are experienced in all areas of family law including: divorce, child visitation and custody, child support, alimony, equitable division of property, contempt actions and modifications.

  • We stay up to date with the latest changes to Georgia family law and the cases that may have an impact on your divorce case.
  • Our dedication and success in representing our clients can be seen by the amount of referrals our law firm receives.
  • We take the time to understand your situation and provide you with a customized tailored solution that will fit your goals.

Trusted Family Lawyers Helping Guide You Through Your Case

We understand that litigating family law issues can be emotionally draining and extremely difficult to endure. The experienced attorneys at our law firm are here to help make a difference in your case. Our talented divorce attorney
Atlanta legal representatives will provide you with the proper strategies to guide you through your divorce case.

Our law firm will help you through all of your family law issues from contested to uncontested divorces, child custody disputes, child support, visitation rights, alimony, divorce agreement modifications, contempt, equitable distribution of property and much more.

We will fiercely protect your legal rights throughout the entire process and work to get you the results that would be best for you and your family. We understand your divorce will have a lasting financial and emotional impact on you and your family. We will do everything we can to help you obtain the outcome that is in the best interest of you and your family. The ideal way for you to achieve the results you are looking for is to start by having the right divorce attorneys on your side.

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